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Hebron Launches Youth Housing Program

on Nov 17, 2022

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CONTACT:        Kathleen Christianson Fisher, Executive Director

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Hebron Housing Services launches Hebron Youth Housing Program

 offering long-term housing to homeless youths ages 18-24 in Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee counties.

Waukesha, WI (November 17, 2022) – Hebron Housing Services (HHS), the oldest non-profit organization in Waukesha County fully dedicated to providing short-term shelter and long-term housing solutions to individuals and families, has launched a new program to address homelessness among young people.  

The Hebron Youth Housing Program is a joint Transitional Living and Rapid Re-Housing program. The initiative will offer limited and long-term housing to youths experiencing homelessness, ages 18-24, in the Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee (WOW) region. Youth living on the streets, in their vehicle, in emergency shelters, or fleeing domestic violence will be a priority. The length of time and number of homeless occurrences are essential factors in determining their vulnerability. Both individuals and families with children are eligible for the program.

Youths will be referred to the program through a coordinated entry process. This referral process assesses each young person’s vulnerability, including where they are staying, the length of time they are homeless, and other lifestyle factors. Youths unable to find their housing will be enrolled in the Transitional Living program, and youths more likely to secure their own unit will be enrolled in the Rapid Rehousing Program. Through both programs, they will receive intensive case management services and be connected with the necessary resources to support them on their journey to independent living.

Once youths are ready to move on to independent living, they will work with their case manager to secure permanent housing. They will receive case management services from Hebron Housing Services throughout their first lease to address education, employment, life skills, and necessary health services for up to one year and as needed after that.

There are five distinct components to the Hebron Youth Housing Program. Transitional living includes seven Transitional Housing units offering limited-term housing and supportive services, including case management, healthcare connection, life skills training, community resource connection, continuing education support, and housing and employment search. Program participants will move into rapid rehousing or permanent housing according to their move-on assessment.

Rapid Re-Housing is driven by HUD’s Housing First model that quickly connects those experiencing homelessness to permanent housing without preconditions. In this case, the program rapidly connects youths and young adults experiencing homelessness to permanent housing through a tailored package of assistance, including time-limited financial assistance, targeted supportive services, case management, housing services, and life skills training.

Case Management helps program participants obtain and move into permanent housing, stabilize housing, and connect to services and support as needed. This short-term intervention drives the case manager to focus on helping the youth navigate barriers to tenancy and build a support system by assisting them in making necessary relationships in their community that support their housing stability plan.

Life Skills Training includes a Life Skills Coordinator who supports youth with the skills they need to develop according to their housing stability plan.

Housing Services involves a coordinator to work with youths and young adults on their housing search by assisting with locating, obtaining, and retaining suitable housing options. These services include mediation between the program participant and the landlord.

The Hebron Youth Housing Program is designed to overcome the barriers contributing to youth homelessness. Youth who enroll in the program face challenges, including mental and physical health needs, alcohol or drug disorders, limited or no income, little education, and inequitable access to services and housing. Youth that identifies with a particular population, including but not limited to; BIPOC, LGBTQ+, or with disabilities, will be referred to appropriate community resources that best fit their immediate needs.

Hebron Youth Housing Program staff members will be required to participate in ongoing training to promote an understanding and fill knowledge gaps concerning special populations. This project will foster an environment that cultivates a culture of acceptance and will work to eliminate racial inequities in society.

“This program is addressing a very real need in the community,” said Kathleen Christenson Fisher, executive director of Hebron Housing Services. “Our goals are to provide immediate safe, supported, and flexible housing options to youth and young adults that reflect their individualized needs and pave the way for long-term, sustainable housing. Through this initiative, we will connect young people to community resources that support their journey to independent living and allow them to exit the program into permanent housing.”

Hebron Housing Services was founded 40 years ago in Waukesha County. Its organization runs Juno House, a short-term emergency shelter for single women, women and children, and families; Siena House, a men’s shelter; the Permanent Supportive Housing Program (PSH) for those struggling with homelessness and mental illness; and two affordable housing developments that offer below-market rent to those who qualify. To learn more, visit https://hebronhouse.org/.